Christmas time



Here is a walnut ink drawing from the very first watercolour that I did here, before we did the house up.

Christmas has come and gone. The poor turkey is still in the fridge to challenge my culinary skills. I’m not the worst cook and many think me not great, which is not true. I just get bored having to do it all the time.

One thing I never get bored of is making things.

This year I indulged my inner witch and spent much time making inks and playing with the saucepan and leaves and things called mordants and such like.

Making ink from the remnants of walnuts under an ancient gnarled walnut tree in Camphill Jerpoint. Outside Thomastown. To help make ends meet I have become a night care worker, with Camphill in Jerpoint. I am not sure how good I am but they have hung onto me even though one of their oldest and dearest passed away in my care. Karl was a well know artist and character and he is missed by many. They tell me it is an honour to be chosen to be present at such a time and I will run with that.

I also made acorn ink from the dropped acorns of ancient trees in Poulmounty woods on the road to New Ross from my home.

Here are three new watercolours that I made into Christmas cards this year and I will be promoting these for next year.



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