Hello Autumn

Summer is going fast. The leaves are turning. The blackberries are luscious and need picking.

I have been busy painting so here are some samples of my watercolour diary….a watercolour a day keeps the doctor away…..not the winter though.


I will soon be working with Camphill in Jerpoint as a carer part time, doing relief. Another chapter begins in my my multifacetated career.

I spent a good while starting to clear out my studio to make space to allow me to turn into a space which will be adaptable to be rented as accommodation and to run the odd workshop. I cleaned out the mobile and took it all to the dump. I intend to use the mobile as a work/storage space for art materials books etc……


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May workshops

Back to Ferrybank yay! This time we are doing some very simple introductory silkscreen on fabric. I fond dealing with being a mobile studio a bit difficult sometimes. If I could do this in my studio it would be simpler! However it does not lower the quality of the work. Bearing in mind none of these women had ever used a screen before I think they did fantastic work!






I have just finished in the Watergardens Thomastown doing six weeks felting with some of the clients of Camphill. We had great fun and everybody made an egg cosy, a piece of flat felt, a purse and started two collaborative pieces.


















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Spring has arrived

Do I smell grass? Not that kind! About time she says!


This has been a very busy couple of months. I am now finished for a while with most of my groups. My two modules in KCAT are over and I have to say I love working there…pity ii this so far away. My paintings and textile selfies are still in Lennons restaurant in Visual in Carlow.


Danesfort Going strong group are nearly finished their amazing wall hanging. There will be a grand unveiling at some point in the not too distant future!



Ferrybank Textiles finished their amazing pieces and we will be having an exhibition in the main Waterford library probably November.












I still have a few days left with Borris ARA, then after Easter I start with a group of clients in the watergardens….we will be felting….yippee!


I have been working on a repeat commission, a woman was so p,eased with a painting she did of her husbands family home, as a present, which had to be knocked that she asked me to do it again! Happy days! Though doing a repeat brings it own challenges. What do you think

















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Danesfort going strong group


Nearly done


This is the wall hanging. It still ha to have a border and a few other elements added but I think it is fantastic.

I have to say this group are such a pleasure to work with. They are a true example of how a community group can work. They are self driven and are so supportive and good for and to each other. We are working on a large wall hanging for their parish hall. I knew there was talent but had realised the range of skills I had to work with. If I had a big ego it would be hard but I love this aspect of my work. I just give em a push and EU do all the work! Ha ha


This is hand sewn and everyone has had some kind of input into the piece, proper community art



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Teacher training workshop in Enniscorthy Education centre……


Tuesday I did what is called CPD…..a continuing professional development workshop with a group of National School teachers. I was as usual apprehensive as I had not done information a long time. The thought of keeping the attention of all those high achievers scared the bejaysus out of me……but sure what was the worse thing they could do to me?

Any way it was fine. I often think that what I do is a bit like acting and the pre workshop nerves make it work better?

The idea was that I would adapt one of my lesson plans from my book for teachers on textiles using an Easter theme. I out a lot of pre workshop time into this, hinting and doing as all but it was worth it. I did a bunny rabbit or hare depending on how correct you want to be. I think they enjoyed it and got some new ideas out of it. Only one of them had used Mod Rock before which was great S they are always looking for new ideas and it is a great Papier Mâché substitute.





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2016 the start of a new year!

February 2016

Boy I have been busy. I was very sick for a week and the rest of this year so far has been a blur!

I was asked to hang my work in Lennons restaurant in the amazing Visual Centre!

Here are a few images from that…..not great quality a shoe light is not fantastic.






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Cill Rialig

This is a short blog Which is taking ages to post as I am having trouble with my images, they keep disappearing, that I did while staying in Cill Rialig the artists retreat in county Kerry. It is an Amazing windswept wild spot. On the edge of the world, close to Valencia Island. The home of the the chocolate factory is nearby…….yummy


Day one

I arrived about three o clock. It is a wild desolate spot. A thing of beauty. First night I went for drinks to Noelle’s house, very pleasant and some lovely company.

We are on the edge of the world here. I will have to get used to being alone. I smell a scaredy cat.

I went out ASAP and took some photos with the camera of Cill Rialig and the views as I know tomorrow is to be a wash out. Then I did a couple of little watercolours from the camera To get the ball rolling.

I think my aim while I am here is to experiment with different media and see which really fires me. I want to get out and do pleine air watercolours and oils. I may not move far, I’ll see how I feel.

Day two

I want to get that started and later I will put on my waterproofs and get out to feel the mountain that sits above the sea!The wind and rain are howling out side. I peeped out at the sea it is spectacular. I am working on a commission of a dog a who is not well for an Xmas present. In the evening a few of were entertained by Noelle Campbell Sharp in her amazing house. Lovely evening. Nice people.



Day three

This morning I woke up feeling relaxed and decided to have a look out the window. There looking up at me was the sheep who Lives in the field between me and the sea. Lovely look on his face.

Sunday afternoon, listening to Gay Byrne because I can get nothing else and the CD player won’t work. This morning I took a trip to Ballinskelligs and Dungeagan. The car was making a strange noise and I think it was smelling funny when I got back. I tried yo do a quick watercolour inside here before I went out…..disaster! Then I took my sheet of drawing paper that I had flattened last night on my board, out the back door and attempted a charcoal of the view. I then brought it inside to finish it off

I also finished the dog……I t

At lunchtime I paid a visit to the meeting room to check it out out. It is lovely and I do hope to get together with some of the residents in it! Had a lovely supper provided by an English sculptor for a few of us.


Day four


Today has been a struggle. This morning was not bad. I got some lovely photos and got to meet Mary. Before that I went up the hill behind, feeling very brave and out of breath to be honest by the time I got to the top…..well the first top anyway! I tried to do a sketch of the islands but got worried by a rather large cloud that I thought was coming my way so I slid back down being careful as I did not fancy breaking my ankle in the bog! Had a chat with two lovely cows on the way down. I got some nice shots of the village. The light was beautiful today. I must get out and paint more landscapes at home.




After meeting Mary I went for a walk on the beach, beautiful spot and got some lovely shots.


Ballinskelligs beach…..beautiful

I spent the afternoon trying to do an oil of my house here. Not the happiest with it…..maybe it will look better in the morning. I really need to practice my landscapes. I also tried the view of the islands opposite Bolus head.

All in all the more I do the more I need to do. The more I realise the need to just keep producing work







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